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Zaitong International Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhongan Joint Investment Group Co., LTD. We are engaged in the production and sales of complete machine equipment and related parts in the fields of construction, wind power, shipbuilding, agriculture and chemical industry. Our products include machine, various models of vertical lathe, electric screw press, electric screw press, forging parts, casting parts, welding parts and precision workpiece.

Why Choose Us

We have won wide recognition at home and abroad for our high quality products and excellent customer service. We always adhere to the customer-centric concept, and constantly strive to meet the needs of customers. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we not only provide reliable and long-lasting products, but also provide customized solutions for our customers.
In the field of construction, our complete machines are widely used in construction projects of all sizes. Whether it is a large residential or commercial building project, our products provide superior performance and reliable operation. Our equipment not only has the characteristics of high efficiency and stability, but also focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, in line with modern building requirements.
In the field of wind power, our products are a key component. Our equipment and components work stably in harsh environmental conditions, with high efficiency and long life. Our products are not only widely used in domestic wind power projects, but also exported to overseas markets, and have been praised by customers.
The shipping industry is another important area for us. We offer a wide range of Marine equipment and parts, including vertical turning, forging and precision machining parts. Our products have excellent durability and corrosion resistance, and are capable of stable operation in harsh Marine environments.

Our Services

In the agricultural and chemical sectors, our products also play an important role. Our equipment and components are widely used in agricultural machinery and chemical equipment, providing efficient and reliable solutions. Whether it is crop growing or chemical production, our products are able to provide quality support for customers.
Due to our excellence in quality and service, we are rated as a 5-star supplier. This is a recognition of our tireless efforts and continuous improvement. We will continue to uphold the concept of high quality and reliable products, constantly improve product quality and customer satisfaction, and provide customers with better solutions. We look forward to working with more customers to develop and create a better future together.