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Japanese coking industry to our company foracceptance of goods


On September 21, 2023, four Japanese coke engineering leaders visited Shandong Huida Creep Ink Equipment Co., LTD., a subsidiary of the group, to inspect and inspect the dream and guide the product to win a win-win situation. The leaders of the company warmly welcome the four leaders of the Japanese coke project!

The Japanese businessmen to the enterprise mainly Huida vermicule for its production of coke oven products acceptance. Accompanied by Huida vermiculator technical personnel, Japanese businessmen carried out on-site physical measurement and test data analysis on the 6.8-meter coke oven door, door frame, opener and closing device one by one, and passed the layers of inspection, and the final product quality fully met the Japanese inspection standards. At the acceptance site, Japanese merchants frequently gave the company's technical staff a thumbs-up. After the acceptance, the two sides had in-depth exchanges in the company conference room on the delivery period and future cooperation development of 6.8-meter coke oven door, furnace door frame, opener and closing device.


After the talks, the Japanese businessmen, accompanied by the company's leaders, visited the company's production plants one by one. Through the investigation and understanding of the enterprise environment, production equipment, product capacity, testing equipment and equipment, and the strength of the technical team, the customers clearly expressed their satisfaction with the company's casting quality, process and equipment level, and said on the spot that they would continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Huida Vermiculus in the future.

Enterprise development to high and climb, to the new line. On the basis of continuously strengthening the leading products and consolidating the traditional market, Huida Creep Ink Company has always taken transformation and upgrading as the focus, taking product innovation as the core of development, optimizing and upgrading the production line, adjusting the product structure, focusing on high-speed rail and all kinds of brake discs, special vehicle wheels, new energy special vehicle power bridge and other new products. Do a solid job in the "excellent" and "expand" two articles, strive to build "international first-class, green, intelligent, high-end parts industry base", strive to achieve from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and continue to make greater contributions to local economic development.

A roc rises in a day with the wind and rises ninety thousand miles. Huida is taking advantage of a series of national strategies such as manufacturing power, quality power, digital power, etc., in the journey of promoting the high-quality development of the casting industry, work hard and do not idle. In the new round of industrial reform, the standard is advanced, quality and efficiency is improved, and innovative, high-end, green, intelligent, sustainable and high-quality development is achieved.