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On January 1, 2024, we are very honored to welcome the visit of SQE team from Japan SANKO Company to our Hengchang Heavy Industry Company.


SQE group, accompanied by senior executives from various departments of our company, visited the entire production workshop of flanges, focused on the processing technology of each processing process, and gained a deeper understanding of our production technology, production level and quality control ability. During this visit to the production workshop, the general manager also introduced the future planning of the workshop to the customer.

The SQE team carried out a careful inspection and acceptance of the finished product. Our efficient and precise production process and rigour make customers highly praise and affirm our quality management level and strict schedule control. The qualified rate of the products produced by our company has reached 100% and has been recognized by customers, showing our consistent pursuit of excellent quality management standards.


In addition, the two sides held a symposium, focusing on the cooperation projects throughout 2024, as well as production management, technical standards and quality issues. For the next stage of order production and control to carry out further planning, at the same time, in the process of customer inspection, our staff also learned from the customer's rigorous almost harsh quality control requirements.


This visit is not only a product acceptance, but also a friendly exchange and cooperation opportunity. We believe that through the joint efforts and sincere cooperation of both parties, we will lay a solid foundation for future cooperation and business expansion. We will continue to adhere to the spirit of pragmatic innovation and the pursuit of excellence, and constantly improve product quality and service level to create greater value for customers.